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The 'Qashqai' Story

Experienced Supplier and Exporter of Aluminium Foil and Containers

Qashqai Exports Pvt. Ltd. is an experienced supplier and exporter of disposable Aluminium foils and Aluminium Containers. Our products are designed to ensure best quality of disposable products for household, catering, bakery and various other purposes. Qashqai Aluminium Foil products not just keep your food fresh, warm, and safe but also safeguards them from any bacterial growth.

Our Vision

To become the most Trusted and Preferred Aluminium Foil and Packaging Material supplier in the World through Quality, Service and Value

Our Mission

To provide the best of aluminium foil products to the World.

Registrations & Certifications

Aluminium Foil Products For All Your Needs

Baking your next dish, or packing your lunch, Aluminium Foil wraps has always acted as a saviour to keep the food warm and healthy. We at Qashqai Exports ensure best-in-quality aluminium foil products.

Why Us

Quality, Durability and Sustainability

We believe in serving our customers with the best quality product which adds durability and sustainability as an important product feature. We are expert supplier of Aluminium Foils and Aluminium Foil Containers, since years. 

Best-in-class Aluminium Foil

Best-in-class Aluminium Foil

We at Qashqai establish quality as the primary parameter for all the products which go through regular testing and certification ensuring best-in-class products.

Diverse Range of Products

Diverse Range of Products

We offer different varieties of aluminium foil products like containers, foil wraps and many more. 

Our Products

We Provide Various Kinds Of Aluminium Foil Products

Qashqai Exports foil brand “Meal Wrap” is considered as one of the leading suppliers of aluminium foils for food packaging in the country. Meal Wrap products are developed with non-toxic Aluminium foils to keep your food hygienically safe in any travel or transit. 

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