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6 Reasons Why Aluminium Foil is Good for Food Packaging

Aluminium is a trending option for food packaging due to its superior recyclability over other materials such as plastic and glass and the unique characteristics of product brands. It is infinitely recyclable compared to usual options like plastic and paper. It is and light weight and more streamlined than glass. It is one of the most flexible and versatile elements in the world. It is readily malleable, stable, resistant to organic acids, and an excellent conductor of heat. It is also one of the most common elements in the Earth’s crust and is therefore widely distributed.

1. Availability

Aluminium is one of the most available metal on Earth’s crust and the third most common substance. This means there is an abundance of aluminium that can be mined for industries such as food packaging, confectionery and household care products. More than 65% Aluminium used collectively in transportation and packaging. Aluminium foil import in India only has increased from 120K Tons in 2015 to 200K Tons in 2021. Now Indian manufacturer also started its export as India is 5th largest Aluminium ore producer in world.

2. Longevity

Aluminium packaging can keep its integrity for a long time without maintenance. It also has excellent corrosion resistance, which contributes to a long shelf and service life. This makes aluminium an appropriate material for food packaging as it protects the product during its shelf life without the risk of deterioration compromising the barrier between the product and external environmental influences.

3. Sustainability

Aluminium can be recycled indefinitely and its recycling process saves a lot of energy compared to other materials, using only 5% of primary energy. This saves a lot of energy and factory emissions, making aluminium a cost-effective, durable, safe, sterile and hygienic and environmentally friendly food packaging option.

4. Versatility

Aluminium is lightweight, has a low melting point, and is very ductile and easy to modified and various shapes. This gives aluminium packaging a marketing advantage. The material’s flexibility allows it to be easily customized with creative shapes, embossing and printing for brand identification and consumer appeal. This makes them popular as containers for processed and fast moving cooked foods, dairy products and even pet food products.

5. Barrier Protection

Even in very thin foils, aluminium provides a perfect barrier against moisture, light and oxygen. This preserves the quality, safety and flavour of the packaged food and uses very few ingredients. Foods packaged in aluminium are safe from bacterial contamination, oxidation, moisture and light and do not compromise with product integrity.

6. Light Weight

Aluminium is a lightweight material, allowing more products to fit on a vehicle than those packed in heavier materials, thus reducing transportation costs. But being light weight doesn’t mean that it get contaminated with any external material. Even in very thin gauges, aluminium can protect food integrity and further reduce the weight of packaging materials. For example, 1.5g of aluminium foil can protect him from 1 litre of milk for months, providing barrier protection with minimal product weight gain.

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aluminium foil containers, aluminium foils, Food packaging, mealwrap, Qashqai exports, sustainable food packaging
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