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Introducing Meal Wrap

Aluminium Foils and Aluminium Foils Container at Qashqai Exports are developed to provide the best-quality products to the globe. Our diverse range of products allows you to achieve your desired requirements. We also provide target price and customisation orders as per the requirements.

Qashqai Exports foil brand, Meal Wrap is considered as one the leading supplier of aluminium foils for food packaging in the country. Meal Wrap products are developed with non-toxic Aluminium foils to keep your food hygienically safe in any travel or transit. These are widely used for wrapping food items by caterers, restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, airlines, railways, coffee-shops, and others.

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Meal Wrap products are exported to various countries across the globe. Qashqai Exports currently exports to Middle East and Southeast Asia providing quality aluminium products and various other aluminium products as per the increasing demand in the market. Meal Wrap not just exports their quality products to the globe but also provides the same quality within the country through their online presence. Meal Wrap products are available for purchase on various e-commerce platforms to help customers order products directly as per their requirement.

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